Jenson Button, We Salute You…

Here is a true fact, over the past five years (which is as long as I have been blogging about F1), I have dedicated many thousands of words to Sebastian Vettel, not all of them complimentary it must be said, to Lewis Hamilton as well and again not all of them favorable and to Fernando Alonso – and yes most of those have been flattering, maybe excessively so quite frankly. These three drivers are the class of their generation. They all came into the sport within a few years. You really can’t argue with me — between the three of them they have a total of nine WDC’s.

Such is the writing license of a blogger. I get to pick and choose what and whom I write about. And the benefit to you the reader is that you will at the very least get an honest and authentic viewpoint from me whether you agree or not with my chosen thesis, argument or subject matter that I wish to shed some light on.

Sure, I have written about other drivers Mark Webber, Sergio Perez, Kimi Raikkonen, of course Nico Rosberg. Most recently I have been typing about Max Verstappen. Going back a few years Michael, Mika and David would pop up in one of my posts as well. You can see the trend–I write about the hotshots, the controversial drivers, the dramatics, the troublemakers. I’m a big fan of another driver for all the reasons that I tend not to write about him – he’s honest, workmanlike, steady and calm. Rarely shows his temper, doesn’t get in fights, almost never in a collision of his own fault on the track. And yes, he is still super damn fast.

So today I will give all of my attention to one Jenson Alexander Lyons Button. It was announced recently that Button, one of F1’s current statesmen, will be going on a sabbatical. At least that is the official line from McLaren, the team that he has called home since 2010, and from the driver himself.

According to Button, with the sports regulations due for a rather large overhaul next year, he will be involved in the development of McLaren’s effort to reclaim race wins and possibly a championship for 2017, although not as a racing driver. Button also mentioned that there might be an opportunity to race in 2018 and I for one think he will be just as fast and just as good if the car suits his driving style.

I have yet to write an official send-off for the veteran driver who is now in his 17th year in racing’s premier category, F1. This post I imagine will come toward the end of the race calendar in November when I have time to reflect on the drivers, the teams, who won the championship and the 2016 season as a whole.

Enter Mobil1 The Grid. First let me say I have been watching their weekly race programming for quite some time. As much as I like clicking on my favorite racing websites, nothing beats turning on the TV and enjoying a review of the week’s racing news.

For us Americans, where European racing is concerned, Mobil1 The Grid is vital and useful with updates, insiders’ perspectives and interviews with the top teams and top drivers in all racing categories. For a blogger such as myself it is one of the many sources I use to stay current and relevant in the fast changing world of Motorsport.

The Grid reached out to me recently and asked if I would be interested in posting a video celebrating Jenson Button’s entry into the 300 club. It seems way too cliche to say that I would be honored to be part of something so cool and officially connected with the very sport that I so dearly love, F1. However those where exactly the words I wrote back to Mobil1 The Grid, and that I would gladly accept their offer.

I would like to say just a few words about the Briton. Jenson is a class act, his race craft has never been in question and on any given day he can drive just plain faster than anyone in the sport including those three that I mentioned before who usually hog all the sports headlines.

A guest blogger that contributed a piece to this site of his experience at the 2014 British GP had this to say about JB:

“Talking about tradition, I have to talk about Jenson Button. Fans see him as the gentleman driver: calm, not aggressive and with a great personality. The reason I have to talk about him is because he was like a living god on the track. Every time car number 22 came by, people around me wouldn’t cheer (because apparently that’s too barbaric), they had to applaud as if he was responsible for an unbelievable performance. And that occurred all throughout the weekend, even during practice.”    -Mathieu Estibals-

I am not sure I can add anything more after that thought. It was honest and sincere. In a word it was the perfect sentiment for one of F1’s most recent World Champions.

Enjoy the video and thank you Mobil1 The Grid for giving me this opportunity, your friend and fellow F1 fan at


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