Ricciardo: I’m A Grand Prix Winner! – Yes Mr. Ricciardo You Definitely Are…

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Daniel Ricciardo delivered a mature and well calculated performance to win an incident packed Canadian Grand Prix, his maiden Formula 1 victory, and with it end Mercedes winning streak while etching his name among the greatest in the history of motorsport. The big smiling Australian reflected on his afternoon at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on the Ile Notre Dame in Montreal.

What a race, tell us about this first win.
Daniel Ricciardo: Yeah, I’m still a bit in shock. Thanks everyone. This is ridiculous! Lots of Aussie flags, that’s nice. The race really came to life in the last 15 to 20 laps. We saw Hamilton had a problem and then we saw Rosberg was slow on the straights. I was really struggling to get past Perez. They had a pretty good car on the straights and he was holding me off well in the corners. We finally got a run out of the last chicane and made a nice move into turn and then set my sights on Nico and then a couple of laps to go just found myself in the right spot to get the DRS. It’s just an amazing feeling right now, I’m really grateful for this. Thanks everyone.

How does it feel
DR: I’m a grand prix winner! I think it still seems a bit surreal to be honest, just because it all happened so quickly at the end. I was third for a while and then it all happened in a really exciting fashion. 

We go to a new track. It’s going to be let’s say your home track, so what do you expect on this new circuit and are you happy?
DR: Yeah, very excited for the next race, it’s going to be a home race for Red Bull and if Seb and I can stand on the podium again I think it will be awesome. It’ll be great, they’ve done a lot of work there at the track. I think the facilities are going to be awesome. Yeah, it’s just a couple of weeks away and I’m sure it’s going to be a great weekend.
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Well I have to state just for the record that I did not, nor any did of my colleges at Formula1 blog see this one coming, at least not at this track. Lol.

There are several stories this Monday morning and I think all of them are equally as important and choosing just one was always going to be difficult. However, how could I not talk bout Daniel Ricciardo’s outstanding drive to claim his first Grand Prix victory.

In a way this is not that surprising given the Aussie’s record so far this year and the fact he has been outshining teammate Sebastian Vettel right from the get-go.

I predicted Vettel would be ahead of Ricciardo for this race due to the fact there were no real medium or high speed coners at the circuit named after Enzo Ferrari’s favorite driver. This is where the Red Bull newbie has really been able to shine in comparison to Vettel.

But now it would appear Ricciardo is just plain faster than Vettel in most track conditions. Well done Daniel. In a race were the Red Bull number two completely out drove the competition, never mind Lewis Hamilton retired and Nico Rosberg had a brake issue that hampered the W0’5 true performance, winning is all about taking advantage of every single possibility.

That is exactly what Ricciardo did and this win was well deserved. I liked it so much, I didn’t even mind listening to Christian Horner’s voice congratulating the first time race winner on the team radio in a transmission which is usually saying something annoying like: “Well done Seb, you just won the ………. Grand Prix.”

And it’s a good thing I like seeing Ricciardo win, because I have a feeling you, me, everyone is going to see a lot more of it.







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  1. Yes JP, I loved it also. Why you ask?
    Mainly because a little humbling was in order for Mercedes.

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